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Behind a Mask, Or, a Woman's Power - Louisa May Alcott OK, so, by and large I did not like this. It's not that it's not a good story. The fact that the protagonist enraged me so indicates that it really is. But...the rating is based on whether I liked it....

The ONLY thing that got it two stars from me was:

"Yes; but oh, remember that I have no friend but you! Promise me to be faithful to the last--to believe in me, to trust me, protect and love me, in spite of all misfortunes, faults, and follies. I will be true as steel to you, and make your life as happy as it deserves to be. Let us promise these things now, and keep the promises unbroken to the end."

Her solemn air touched xxxxxxxxxx [to avoid spoiling]. Too honorable and upright himself to suspect falsehood in others, he saw only the natural impulse of a lovely girl in Jean's words, and, taking the hand she gave him in both of his, he promised all she asked, and kept that promise to the end. She paused an instant, with a pale, absent expression, as if she searched herself, then looked up clearly in the confiding face above her, and promised what she faithfully performed in afteryears."