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The Brutal Telling - Louise Penny I'm thrilled I will get an early copy! I love this series and look forward to reading the new one.
And this new one is without doubt the best yet...it is not a mystery; it is literature. The images resonate:
"She looked as if a beach ball had exploded."
"fragrant magic markers"

Who can not feel constrained with Gamache in his middle seat on the redeye flight back to Quebec?

"Was she being willful? Obstinate? Or was she standing up for what she believed in? Was she a hero or a bitch? Strange how often it was hard to tell." Strange how often I wonder.

These are conflicted, complex, fascinating characters; I wish I knew the people. All of them.

There is horror worthy of Edgar Allan Poe. Too, "Works with obvious meanings, he [Poe:] wrote, cease to be art." Citation: Wilbur, Richard (1967). "The House of Poe"

It is simply a marvelous, thought-provoking book, disguised as a mystery.