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The Secret Adversary - Agatha Christie Read through Daily Lit. A delightful surprise—it’s funny! Gently so.

"But if you are sure that you have enjoyed to the full the reaction of joy after despair with which I have kindly provided you free of charge, let us get down to our mail, as the saying goes."

"He then says: 'Please take a seat, Mr.--er?' To which I reply promptly and significantly: 'Edward Whittington!' whereupon Mr. Carter turns purple in the face and gasps out: 'How much?' Pocketing the usual fee of fifty pounds, I rejoin you in the road outside, and we proceed to the next address and repeat the performance."

Needless to say, I hate the “little lady”s…but do consider the publication date. Kinda like with Huckleberry Finn. Ditto with “old bean” and “old thing.”

In sum, a delightful quick read.