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A Room with a View - E.M. Forster Started 1-25-10. Am NOT impressed with the reader(John Franklin Robbins (sp?. He doesn't do women's voices very well...makes it hard to distinguish different characters. (1-27-10 He doesn't do distinct male voices very well either!)

I really thought I would like it more; I really wanted to like it more. I suspect I would like the book more if read rather than heard. I need to read it too.

I have to appreciate a man who objects to split infinitives; of course, other than that, Cecil is abominable. And I do not understand the attraction of George, beginning to end! I despise Charlotte--unredeemably. I loved Mr. Beebe, until he dismissed George because he (George) "no longer interests" him (Mr. Beebe). Mr. Emerson...well, I'd like to have him in my life.