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The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger Started 6-7-10.

6-14-10 This is a pretty amazing book. About half-way through now. And I'm finding it as stressful a book as I ever have read...heard.

Reading many of the reviews, I am astounded that so many are judgmental of and "at" Henry. For heaven's sake, he has no control of anything. And can't. Define stress for me; I venture to say--for me, for you, for everyone--it is simply that--understanding that there is nothing we can do but oh god we need to be able to do something.

6-16-10 Oh.my.God. I am grateful for the humor throughout and especially at the end (black humor, ironic humor, brief humor it may be, but it works for me). Complex and truly terrific.