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Deeper Than The Dead - TAMI HOAG "Why are we watching this? You know I hate the news at ten o'clock...."

Well, having spent most of my almost 60 years on central time, as far as I'm concerned, it is God's time. Another obvious indication that Anne's father is a bastard. Although...I have to agree with his protestation about those who found the "corpse of a dead woman" to be redundant. :-)

I yearn for the days when having a cell phone was "an extravagant toy." I wonder the age of those reviewers who dislike the 1980s cultural references. I don't think they were there.

Lovely 5th grade exchange:
"Where is your sense of adventure?"
"Grounded until further notice."

Grisly and while I can handle ambiguity with the best of them, for me the ending left something to be desired.