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Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh 8-16-10 First, languid. Decadent--well, no that isn't quite the right word. It's...something. I am trying very hard to remember that they (Sebastian and Charles) are only 19. The language is lush. Jeremy Irons is the narrator on the audiobook; I can't think of a better. I haven't seen the miniseries. I plan to.

8-18-10 This is as alien a time period/life style as I ever have experienced. Why am I completely comfortable on Mars with Edgar Rice Burroughs, but not in England in the 1920/30s??

Maybe "that word" above is: self-indulgent. Is it excused by WWI and the coming WWII? Uh, no--not to this degree.

8-20-10 I dunno...maybe one has to have been raised Catholic to understand. I have no patience with Julia.