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Ivanhoe - Walter Scott I had no idea there was humor. Love the scene between the Black Prince and the Clerk of Copmanhurst. Also Athelstane's experience...and appetite.

It did take a while to get into the book....I complained to a friend that all I had experienced so far (the first 50 pages or so) was description, description, description. But action did "intrude" shortly after. :-)

p. 208 and following: Go Rebecca!! Go Wamba!!

If eliciting strong emotions is a criterion for a good book, then Ivanhoe is, indeed, a good book. The antisemitism and other racism and the sexism, however accurate to the time, really really bothered me.

Rebecca is the strongest and most admirable character, without question. A woman of much honor.

The story, though, is mesmerizing--when not altogether tedious. :-) 3.8 but not 4.