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God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World--and Why Their Differences Matter - Stephen R. Prothero 6-19-11 On disc 8. Fascinating.

Lo these 40+ years ago, when I went for orientation for my freshman year, the classes I hoped to take for one of the gen ed requirements were filled (as a registrar these 25+ years, I finally now accept that :-), so I chose a two-semester survey of Eastern Civilization(s). Thus, some of this book reminded me...but quite a bit more of it educated me...and about things I thought I knew about (yeah, I know, that syntax sucks). I would have loved to have had Dr. (I assume/am sure) Prothero as a professor.

For those who are attentive, there are just occasional words (mostly adjectives and adverbs) that tell us a lot about the author, himself. That's more than OK...it reveals his humanity.

I generally neglect nonfiction. But I make myself read s-o-m-e. I am glad I chose this as one of them.