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A History of the World in 100 Objects - Neil MacGregor p. xxi Oh this is, and is going to be, wonderful. Have both CDs and the hardback from the library. We'll see which I prefer; I suspect they will enhance one another. The CDs came with a little tiny book, with tiny pictures of the objects, but .... Oh, and my trust computer with Google maps so I can see where the locations are.

This link to the British Museum is invaluable if you are listening to the book a.k.a. the radio broadcasts.

Halfway through: A stunningly engaging history of the world--all continents (except Antarctica, at least so far). And many great throw-away lines and phrases. "Except Dorset."

Finished. Really outstanding. I recommend this to anyone and everyone--especially those who may think the U.S.A. can and will never be superseded. UNlikely. Each object is fascinating in and of itself and taken together constitute a wondrous history of the world.

The website not only has photos of each object, but most of them have 360-degree views AND the radio broadcasts and transcripts of the broadcasts.