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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - Kate Douglas Wiggin Let's just lay it out--Miranda is a bitch. Utterly. And reminds me, unfortunately, way too much of someone I once knew (fortunately NOT a relative of mine :-).

Very old-fashioned and "sentimental," of course. To a degree tedious at times.

Evokes "The Music Man." And Allen grade school in New Orleans. And I haven't thought of dotted swiss in many, many decades. Loved it as a kid.

Rebecca: enchanting. And she is just nice. And much more interesting and smarter than the average bear.

I suspect that had I read this as a young person, this would be five stars. Perhaps will be so with contemplation. :-)

I disagree with those who mention Lolita in reviews. Emphatically not so. And the 21st century does make me ponder Emma Jane's feelings for Rebecca (NONpejoritively).

The audio narrator (Lorna Raver) jarred a bit initially, but quickly became perfect for the story.