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The Fallen Angel - Daniel Silva "What's a cubit?"--Bill Cosby. (Sorry, I couldn't help it!:-)

This is difficult. I am one of those who "grew up" believing that Israel was right, always. (Leon Uris, you know....) But I am rational, and educated, and as I matured came to understand that there are two sides to every story. Plus, should I unquestioningly endorse the argument that the Jews were there first so it's allllll theirs, no matter what, I'd have to believe the U.S. should turn over every inch of this country, and current resources, back to the many Native American tribes. Possibly that is true, but history is history for all of us. And, Palestinians have their perfectly valid perspective. And rights. Those who were abused can't justify their abuse of others by claiming--however accurately--to have been abused.

This is, as usual, a WONDERFUL action-adventure book, thus the 4 stars. But I'm beginning to resent what I believe to be obvious pro-Israel "propaganda."

Plus, I still don't like Chiara.