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Pacific Vortex! - Clive Cussler Actually, I have no memory of this one. Shall have to reread. Requested from SPL.

5-30-13 Oh wow, I am really glad Mr. Cussler got past his really horrendous sexism (more than that...his disgraceful attitude toward women) evident here. Mostly past it, anyway.

6-8-13 Aaaagh. So many things bother me about this book. Granted it is the first and they got soooooo much better. However. Given all those "so much betters," I am befuddled by Pitt's obsession with Summer. Cussler isn't known for writing complex, interesting women, but for God's sake, there is absolutely no substance to Summer. Plus...there was no opportunity for the begats. My new rating of two stars is generous.