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And Then She Fell - Stephanie Laurens These are just fun. :-) I knew the villain at first mention. I mean, really, when every other character is, as we know, a family member or in law or connection, starring in earlier books, it wasn't hard! The mystery of why, though, kept my interest. I admit that there was a scene I expected after the rescue, that wasn't there, but that's OK. Just thought it'd be fun to see Devil's reaction. :-)
Death at the Bar - Ngaio Marsh Not bad but, in the end, was tedious.
Flight Behavior - Barbara Kingsolver p. 73 The writing is magical.

Done. Oh wow. Both heartbreaking and wondrously hopeful.
Colour Scheme - Ngaio Marsh 7-10-13 There are some laugh outloud moments. And it's fun to go back to certain scenes once one is done with the book.
Deception Cove - Jayne Castle Nice fit into the Harmony/Arcane series.
A Week to Be Wicked - Tessa Dare DeLIGHTful. Just plain fun.
Unraveled - Courtney Milan Smite, however, is definitely the most interesting.

5 stars for the series and for this book. It isn't a romance; it's about crime and punishment and justice and injustice and people. Well, yeah, and there's romance. :-)
Relic - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child I sat on this book for years; I have no clue why...somehow (for no reason whatsoever!) I associated it in my mind with Deliverance...which I far-more-than-hated and with which it has NOTHING in common. (Well, horror...but people-behavior-horror and sci-fi-monster-type horror don't belong in the same universe for me. They need to be completely different words.)

So...I liked it a lot. To the extent that I have bought the two next in the series for my vacation.

Whiskey Beach - Nora Roberts I never warmed to the characters or, actually, the story.
Dream Eyes - Jayne Ann Krentz Just barely 3 stars. This series just hasn't grabbed me.
Stone Angel - Carol O'Connell These are outstanding, complex, engrossing (delightfully stressful :-) books.

Shifter Made (Shifters Unbound, #0.5)

Shifter Made - Jennifer Ashley Too short but then it's a short story, isn't it? :-) Glad to have read it for the background on the sword.
The Lost Night - Jayne Castle I'm still really liking these. :-)
Zero Hour - Clive Cussler, Graham  Brown Pretty good. Not among the best. 3.3.
A Lady Of Expectations - Stephanie Laurens I think my favorite of the Lester Family series. Ned is a gem.
Death in Ecstasy - Ngaio Marsh It was fine but I clearly need to take a break.